I Am Here Again

It has been awhile, oh! no, it has been years. Three years, 2 months and 5 says to be exact since I published a post for this blog. It felt like yesterday.

The past years were truly amazing in its own way so many lessons and so many great experiences. I thought why not share/document it here and bring this blog come to life. Use technology to document memories and share lessons and life experiences. Use it to our advantage and becoming the versions of ourselves instead of letting it be a hindrance to having a quality life. It is our actions, decisions and habits that make us who we are. It is not what life throws at us but it is what we do with what life is throwing at us.

Life is how we make it as they say. So, good night and see you on my next posts.

-Coolen 🙂

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Summer Diary 2017

summer diary 2017
Hello sunshine! I remember feeling excited when the March month approaches when I was in gradeschool and highschool. A two-month break from school is glorious and which I missed very much during college. Summer spells like vacation to me and even though I know that the weather is going to be hot, I’m still looking forward to this season every year. It is nice to have some breaks from the rainy days, too. For rainy days sometimes makes me feel sober (lol) and when it’s rainy season it really is rainy. It would often rain for days and news of upcoming storms could be very nerve-wracking.

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