Something New: My Blog

Blogging is one of the hobbies that I have been doing since 2011 when I stumbled upon Tumblr out of curiosity. I have no idea what a blog, blogging or a blogger really means before or totally know what it is done for. I signed up for an account to just check out what is the website for and seeing the contents posted on blogs hosted there made me stay and hooked to it. Later did I know I was posting random rants and what I am feeling about my experiences in school, in my private blog of course. 🙂 My main blog is mostly made up of reblogged posts I curated from other blogs and some quotations I like and a few text posts about my life.

Fast forward to today’s year, I want to do something different with blog. I want to make it more personal and write my own content. Perhaps my habit of writing regularly in my journal has something to do with this. So I did some research about blogging and what are the other platforms to choose from, weighed the pros and cons, made a decision and created the new version of my personal blog here. The transition was quite easy, it helped that my blog dedicated to the books I read is here since last month, which gave me the opportunity to experiment and study the different features. I love how clean and organized the dashboard’s design is, the large number of nice free themes to choose from, the widgets, the built in commenting system, the blog statistics counter, sharing buttons, image alignment and text post options and especially the emoticons. 🙂

I am excited to finally start blogging here on my new blog in a new platform. The process of preparing and creating this blog is a learning experience for me, of which I really enjoyed. This new blog is like a new beginning for me in life. I wanted this blog to be like my journal, but of course without giving away too much personal information. I am going to write here about my life, my progress and the behind the scenes while working on with my art project, thoughts and fancies, places I visit and what I read.

Welcome to my new blog!

Coolen 🙂


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