Most Favorite Bible Verse

The word favorite according to Encarta dictionary can be used as an adjective or a noun which means preferred or most liked. We have a one or two or more than that in almost everything. It ranges from food, brands, books, films, gadgets, apps, games, quotations and so on and so forth. Our favorites are anything that helps make our lives easier, inspires or motivates us, has tickled our fancy or has turned our lives into a better way.

My favorite that I am going to write about here is a quotation from the Bible or most commonly called bible verse. I stumbled upon this verse during the time when I felt so down in life and in need of guidance and answer to a lot of questions. I was in a bookstore, chilling out, trying to deviate myself from worries and looking at the bookshelves for my next book to read when I came across a book entitled, ‘What The Heck I am Going To Do With My Life?’ written by Margaret Feinberg. When I saw the book I said to myself, ‘Oh, great! The same question running in my head.’ I read the synopsis and then decided, ‘Okay, I’ll get this. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from this.’ Of which I will never regret. I read the book and before the last chapter ends, this bible verse was mentioned:

bible verse

It instantly became a favorite and is one the most unforgettable bible verses I have read. The verse is an enlightening message, a great reminder and a promise from God. Whenever I do not feel good, worried, and impatient or being pessimistic in certain situations, this bible verse reminds me that there is someone, who is always by my side that I could lean on to. Someone I can tell what I’m feeling and ask for help whenever I need it. It is just a short verse but a very empowering and reassuring one. An assurance that whatever kind of situation I am in or wherever I am, God is always there for me. I just need to remember that verse. It is such a great relief to know that God is always there for us, neither often nor seldom but always.

Coolen 🙂

*Featured photo from Unsplash by Romain Briaux


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