Lessons From The Do or Die Show

Last Friday November 6, I watched National Geographic Channel’s Do or Die show and I have learned valuable lessons from the two situations featured in that episode. There are like three situations but I’m only able to focus on the two.

Here are those two situations and the lessons I have learned:

  1. A woman chokes on a cupcake during an eating contest.

The three options on what would you do in that situation:

  • perform mouth-to-mouth
  • begin abdominal thrust from behind
  • hit her on the back using the heel of you hand

When in this type of situation, the correct action to take in order to help a person recover from choking is by doing the abdominal thrust from behind. More importantly, do not forget to call your own country, state or town’s 911 for help.

The other two options are the ones you should never attempt to do. Performing mouth to mouth will only waste the time spent on reviving the choking person. According to Do or Die, the persons throat is like a dam and the air from your mouth is like the water in the dam and the water does not flow out in the dam. The food stuck in the throat blocks the air from passing. The other option, hitting the person hard in back using the heel of your hand. It will make the food go down its throat which will make him/her find it harder to breathe. The food stuck in the throat must be taken out.

Choking is not something we should take for granted. A person could die from it because the food is stuck in our throat, which prevents the oxygen from circulating into our brain. According to the show, it will take 4 to 6 minutes for a person to die from choking so immediate action must be done.

2. A marlin fish leaps onto the yacht.

The three options on what would you do in that situation:

  • holding its mouth
  • holding its tail
  • throwing a towel into the fish to cover its eyes

The correct action to take is to stay away from the fish and throw a towel into it to cover the marlin’s eyes. It will calm the marlin and if it is possible it will jump out of the yacht. Never dare to try holding the fish in its mouth or tail because it is very dangerous. Marlin’s mouth and tale are very strong. Holding it in the mouth could make you an easy target to kill, and holding it on the tail will let you experience how it is to be slapped by a sledge hammer.

So in case you are planning to go out fishing in the sea with your family or friends, never forget to bring a towel or any cloth that is large enough to cover the Marlin’s eyes in case this incident happens. It is better to be prepared than not. Just don’t bring the most valuable ones you have, the marlin could bring it with him or her to the ocean. Unless, you want to give it as a remembrance. 🙂 (*This is me trying to inject some humor in a post. 😀 )

National Geographic Channel is one of my favorite channels because it is both entertaining and educational, and Do or Die is one of the shows that I would watch if I can. You can never just neglect any information that could help save your life and of the others, right?

To know more about the Do or Die show click the direct link here and for other amazing shows of National Geographic Channel visit channel.nationalgeographic.com and natgeotv.com.

Coolen 🙂

Information written here are based on the episode of the Do or Die show I have watched.   

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