Sunday Currently 1

Sunday Currently 1

Happy Sunday! Today is a partly cloudy and mostly sunny weather kind of day. From noon until dawn the weather is so hot. The skies are so clear and clouds were like white cotton candies stuffed in the sky.

Reading: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

Writing: Listing down things that I have to do tomorrow.

Listening: Our neighbor is playing vintage Filipino music this afternoon. The volume is loud I can’t help but listen to some of the songs.

Thinking: About where I put my first ever Total Girl magazine with Lindsay Lohan on the cover and my Teen Vouge magazine with Emma Watson on the cover. I been looking for them all around the house but I can’t seem to find it. Why are they hiding? 😦

Smelling: chocolates… 🙂

Wishing: Terrorist attacks will cease. There are other safer ways to express anti-government and other anti whatsoever feelings than randomly attacking cities and killing innocent people. I’m pro world peace.

Hoping: I will always be filled with positive vibes, courage and energy to be able to do the things that I need and want to do.

Wearing: I wore black jeans, dark orange cashmere embellished with little pearls scattered in front and my white sneakers when I attended the mass with my family this morning. Changed to brown shorts and orange t-shirt, and then changed my t-shirt to white because the weather is so hot today.

Loving: Kim Edwards’ writing style on The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, my new Sunnies specs and my blog’s new theme. I love its features and how readable my posts are.

Wanting: To buy BJ Pascual’s first ever book. Photographer crush… ❤

Needing: To exercise regularly and to practice doing basic Pilates again. I feel so weak. 😦 To go back to Drawing Lessons on Drawspace for me to be able to properly transfer drawing ideas on paper, the exact replica of what’s on my mind.

Feeling: A little bit uncomfortable because the monthly guest is here and also, happy and calm. It’s a really nice feeling to attend the mass early in the morning. This blogging thing is making me smile. Yesterday, I updated this blog with a new post after more than a week and I felt excited and energized.

Clicking: Michelle Phan’s website

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this type of blog post.

-Coolen 🙂

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