Internet Finds Vol. 2

Hi! Christmas is already fast approaching and many of us are already preparing for its celebration. From Christmas decorations in the homes, gifts for family and friends, parties and anything related to this upcoming Christmas are for sure planned with utmost effort to make it a success.Because of this, I searched for some articles that are relevant and could be useful for this season. I have also included in this list some articles I read and liked this past weeks.

internet finds 2

  • Christmas Crafts & Projects – cute and easy to-do projects for the Christmas season ranging from gingerbread houses, snow globes and more.
  • How to Make Paper Snowflakes – This is one of the projects from the Christmas Crafts & Projects that I would like to try doing. The instructions are easy to follow and it also comes in a video for more tips on how to create snowflakes in different shapes. Video: How to Make Festive Paper Snowflakes 
  • Your Guide To Flawless Holiday Party Hair – great tips on how to pair different types of hair accessories with different kinds of clothing.
  • 100 Brilliant Color Combinations – are you using Canva? Then this one will be a great help to you when you are designing. This also comes with the color’s code to make applying colors to your design easy. Canva is free online design software that makes designing graphics handy for everyone. There are already designed layouts for social media posts, blog post titles, albums, books and magazine covers, invitations, posters, ads and many more. You can also make designs using your preferred size and layout and you can upload your own photos too. It comes in a free (personal) and paid (work) versions. This is a great tool for designing greeting cards and party invitations for the holidays. No. 44 Wintery Reds combination is perfect for the Christmas season (please refer to the link above).
  • 15 Tips and Tricks for Better Skin – I found this one helpful and informative. Having great skin is a must all year round.
  • 5 Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Dairy Protein – so, it is true that too much of anything has also some negative effects. I got curious with what the author of the topic above wrote about one of the negative effects of consuming too much dairy. I researched about it and found this article.
  • How To Take More Risks – after reading this article by the inspiring Michelle Phan, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be more of a risk taker.
  • What’s Your Nighttime Routine? – now I need to be more mindful of my nighttime routine to be able to wake up early in the morning with lots of energy to face the day.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading these articles as much as I did. Happy Friday!

-Coolen 🙂


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