The Tint FI

The Tint

When boredom strikes and you nothing to do or you run out of things to do to spend your time wisely, because the things that you used to do has gotten more boring with the number of times you have done them, you then resort to one of the easiest ways to find something new. Surf the internet. Scour the internet’s treasure trove to find something that may tickle your fancy or type on Google’s search box or any browsers you love to use the questions in your head and then hit enter. Then seconds later, viola! a thousand or a million of related topics appear before your very eyes. The magic of the internet.

This is what I did months ago after reading an article in a website about the life span of make-up products. I got curious if there are other alternatives to choose from besides throwing them away. I typed ‘what to do with old make-up products?’ on Google and then one article stood out from the rest. The writer said in that article that she uses her old blush on and eye shadows to color her drawings. Great idea, right? (Grrr…why didn’t I listed down the website?) And I found out during that time that one of the Instagram accounts that I follow (@lovecynthia), uses make-up to color the lips and cheeks of the characters that she draws. Her Instagram feed is so adorable. As for me, I wanted to recycle my old lip & cheek tint. With the ideas I found on the web, I thought of using it to make some artwork. (Feeling artsy. 😉 I’m alone in our house one afternoon and this random idea came into my mind. The result of all this is ‘The Tint’.

The Tint

The Tint, February 5, 2015
Artwork #1, The Lip & Cheek Tint Series

Nothing fancy, just a series of random slanting strokes heading downwards from left to right. That is ‘The Tint’ an unexpected source of idea for a personal project which was born out of the need to cure boredom and to recycle an old lip & cheek tint. This is the first artwork in the first series of my personal project that I call the ‘Art Series Project’.

Here is the photo of the materials I used to create this artwork.

sketchpad and old lip & cheek tint

sketchpad and old lip & cheek tint

After doing this, I have thought of many ideas on how to make use of my old lip & cheek tint. One of them is to create artworks using this coloring material. I have done the second artwork for this series and I named it ‘spring’ because it’s flowers which symbolizes the Spring season. I will blog it here hopefully January of next year together with the third and fourth artwork for this series. I wanted to make the next artworks look better than the first two.

-Coolen 🙂


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