Sunday Currently 3, 12.06.15

sunday currently 3 fp bw

It was sunny this morning, a little bit cloudy in the afternoon and this evening it is raining. This past few days the weather at night is colder but it is still hot in broad daylight. I like the weather this Sunday more than last week.

Reading: Still The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. I’m now on page 106, May 1965. It was a year ago since Phoebe was born and their lives had changed since then especially Caroline. The nurse who worked at Dr. David Henry’s clinic and the one who assisted Dr. David when Norah his wife gave birth. Caroline resigned from her work and moved to Pittsburgh with Phoebe. She now works as the nurse of Dorothy March’s father. Dr. David requested her to send Phoebe to an institution but after her visit their she decided not to grant the request because she believes that the institution is horrible. Dr. David knew that when he visited Caroline at her former place. Now living a new life at Pittsburgh, she has found new friends like Dorothy March who also loves Phoebe and Sandra a mother with four kids and who has a son with Down-syndrome like Phoebe. Al the truck driver who helped her during that snowy day at the grocery store visited her at Pittsburgh, of which she did not expect. He had been looking for Caroline and Phoebe and he seems to like her. Caroline loves Phoebe very much that she doesn’t want to let Dr. David know where they currently live. She’s afraid that they may take Phoebe away from her.

Meanwhile, despite moving to their new house to start a new life Norah is still affected with their daughter’s loss. At the night of their anniversary, she decided to visit their old house and took pictures of it. She doesn’t want to sell the house even if they had already decided it. Unfortunately, she got into an accident while driving her car to go back home. Thankfully she only got minor bruises. When she arrived home, Dr. David was already home worried of her. Paul there son was also there after Bree her younger sister brought him back when Dr. David called her asking where Norah is. As a reader, I got worried that what Norah did will become the start of another argument between her and Dr. David. She agreed to sell their old house after a long conversation with her husband. This book has a good story line and I like the thrill I get when I read it. I want to finish this book as soon
as possible so that I could write a book review about it and to read another book before December ends. I’m really serious about this. 😉

Writing: I’m listing down some ideas I have in mind, make a schedule of the things I’m going to do for this week and to write in my journal. Last week I updated my journal by pasting the tags and receipts of the clothes, books and food that bought last month.

Listening: Marvin Gaye by Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth. The song is so catchy that I already got last song syndrome after listening it for a few times. Both of them look good together. ❤

Thinking: Nothing. lol I’m thinking of so many things right now and iced coffee is one of them. Seriously, I’m thinking of when to start making the third artwork for my Lip & Cheek Tint Series.

Smelling: My Juicy cologne Up Up and Away. Smells like candy.

Wishing: For a peaceful mind and a lot of energy.

Hoping: For the great things.

Wearing: When we attended mass this morning, I wore a grey t-shirt with a nice sleeves, a jeans and a beige doll shoes. Right now, while I’m typing this I’m wearing a grey knee length shorts with a small bear print on the left and a sleeveless indigo like shirt. It was an old t-shirt that I customized to make it more comfortable to wear. 🙂

Loving: The jeans I bought last month at SM Woman because it’s so comfortable to wear and it’s also affordable. It only cost PHP 499.00. I was surprised to see the price because most of the clothing items sold at SM sells for prices above PHP 500 and the cost of jeans usually starts at around PHP 899 to 1,000 and above. I’m also loving today’s weather because it’s not so hot and our viand for lunch and dinner that my mother prepared. And also Snapchat. 🙂 I find it so fun. Me and my sisters enjoy it very much.

Wanting: To listen to Adele’s new songs and to eat hot noodles.

Needing: To sleep early and avoid sleeping late as much as possible, to exercise regularly and to be more disciplined.

Feeling: I’m so happy because last Friday my sister brought home the book I asked her to buy for me. It’s a book by BJ Pascual, a photographer here in the Philippines. His book is inspiring and his
photographs are all great. ❤ ❤ My legs still hurts but only a little now because last Friday I did the Tabata protocol. I did some jumping jacks, lunges and that arm exercises from Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers. I got so tired after but I also felt good. 🙂 Yes to a healthy body. 🙂

Clicking: E-mails I received, snaps by celebrities I added on Snapchat, Instagram’s like button because the photos are beautiful and inspiring and the save button on Bloglovin. I’m saving some blog posts to read for later. May tomorrow or the next day or when I have that extra time to spend for this type of activity.

-Coolen 🙂
Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram: @iamcoolen

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