Sunday Currently 4, 12.20.15

sunday currently 4 fp

It is a bright sunny day but it does not feel hot like the past weeks. It is indeed a happy Sunday because the sun showed up its brightest this morning unlike the past 2 to 3 days that you can seldom see it. Rain showered most of the days this week and it made the nights colder.

Reading: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I’m now on page 158, June 1970. This part will be about Caroline and Phoebe. I’m excited to start reading it to know what happened to them because in past chapters only the stories of Dr. David, Norah and Paul were told. during this year Paul and Phoebe are already 6 years old. Paul is attending school and seems to be a talented child. Even after many years Dr. David’s relationship with his wife Norah is still the same since after the day she gave birth to their children and it seems to get worse. They argue at times and based on my observation while I’m reading they grew apart. Norah is jealous of her friend Kay and sister Bree. When Paul fell down from the tree during his birthday party, Norah blamed Dr. David for what happened  and in the hospital they argued. 😦 In the last chapter there was a surprise in the story that made me excited to read it more.

Once, after drinking too much at another party, Kay had followed him into a dark hallway, slipped her arms around hi neck, and kissed him. Startled he kissed her back. The moment had passed, and although often thought about the cool surprising touch of her lips on his, ever time he saw her David also wondered that it had ever really happened.

The woman mentioned here is Kay Marshall, Norah’s friend. I was really shocked when I read this part. I want to know if Norah knew about this.

Writing: To-do list for the week, update my journal and blog post ideas.

Listening: Thanks to Spotify that I got to listen for free to my favorite songs and got to discover new ones. This morning I listened to Coldplay’s song in their latest album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’. The song I listened to is the same title as the album and the other one  is That’s Right and Cold Cold Cold by Cage The Elephant. I just knew this band today through an Instagram user that liked  one of my photos. I checked out the account and the feed is full of screenshots of the music he/she is listening.


coldplay and cage the elephant

I like this new song of  Coldplay and Cage The Elephant’s album cover gives an air of mystery.

Thinking: If I should seize the opportunity offered by Spotify or not. They are offering Spotify Premium for just PHP 9.00 for three months.

Smelling: The Victoria Secret perfume that my sister received from his dorm mate during their Christmas party.

Wishing: I wish that each and everyone of us will have very Merry Christmas. 🙂

Hoping: That the victims of the previous typhoon Nona will stay strong and never lose their faith and hope. Many Filipinos were affected by this typhoon especially those living in certain parts of Luzon.

Wearing: Violet sleeveless shirt and red violet pajamas.

Loving: The weather, the articles I’ve read these past days which inspired me, blogging, Pocket, Covet Fashion, Snapchat 😉 and Hormones the Series 3 The Final Season ( A Thai TV series about the lives of teenagers. The third season is available on Youtube with English subtitles on GTH Channel’s account.)


I saw my sisters shirt hanging in the clothes line and I took a photo of it and added some drawings then sent it to her through Snapchat. 😀

Wanting: I want to eat ice cream and to check off some things on my to do list before the year ends.

Needing: To sleep early because the effects are not good for my skin. Not really nice for taking selfies. Lol.

Feeling: Happy, of course. 🙂 And also joyful and thankful.

Clicking: E-mails. There are too many of them unread.

May you have a great week ahead and Merry Christmas!

-Coolen 🙂
Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram: @iamcoolen

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