Merry Christmas!


A cheery greeting from me to whoever you are who reads this blog post. I definitely had a Merry Christmas this year. Today is such a lovely day because my family had a Christmas party. We had our exchange gifts, a delicious meals for our lunch and games that were so fun that it made all of us laugh out loud. It is a good thing that I also took videos during the games which we watched before my relatives went home. We all had a blast just by watching it. Seeing all what we did just to win the games made us all laugh especially my mother, aunties and cousins in law who were the ones who played mostly in the games. Haha. I’m excited to make a blog post about our Christmas party today. The photos and videos will serve as a document of the happy times we have this day.

Merry Christmas!

Last night, I attended the mass for the Christmas celebration with my parents and siblings. The mass was awesome and I was able to reflect and learn from the priest’s sermon which I will always remember. I felt that I have grown closer to Jesus because of the mass and become more appreciative of the sacrifices He did for all of us, the unconditional love of God the Father and of life. Life is such a beautiful journey if we only learn to have faith and trust in Him, learn to take problems as challenges that we should overcome, learn to never give up and lose hope and to always obey Him. The priest said that God doesn’t like us to suffer but sometimes because of our poor choices we let ourselves encounter this challenges and make mistakes which God allows to happen to make us learn from all of it and never to repeat the same things again. Even if we want to give up, He will never will because He loves us so much. And because of that love He gave us His son to become our Savior. What an amazing kind of love. 🙂 These were only of the few things I have reflected on yesterday. I guess I’ll end this post right here because I’m now going to sleep. 🙂 I feel tired and sleepy from all the activities we did today and the previous days. I have listed down what type of blog posts I’ll write this month. A few of these posts are the Christmas party my family had today, our family trip to Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church in Miagao and Garin Farm in San Joaquin, Iloilo last Wednesday and my music playlist including new songs and artist I discovered.

Goodnight and Merry Christmas! I hope that you had a fun day as much as I had. 🙂

-Coolen 🙂

-Featured Image from Unsplash by Nikola Jelenkovic


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