Life in a Week: Change & Inspiration Part 1

My life in the past four years has been a series of ups and downs particularly involving mostly myself. It was like the lowest point of my life that even taking selfies rarely happened. Haha In a serious note, it was really hard but I’m glad I survived. Did it all began with a poor decision? Maybe. I am not sure. Was it because I let myself be drowned into the emotions I felt when someone I really love passed away? Maybe. I do not know. Fate? Maybe. All I know is, I was a 19 year old girl about to graduate in a university, getting myself ready to take my first step into the real world feeling both nervous and excited and then suddenly my life turned 360 degrees. Looking back during those years before it all happened, I have never pictured my life to be what it has become now. The 19 year old me has never envisioned her 23 year old self to be in this position. Has not bought anything yet at Charles and Keith or any fancy stores she’s been dreaming of shopping, no car, no job and a savings account she cannot depend on. If that 19 year old me would meet someone like me right now, I bet she would say, ‘What is she thinking?’ She’s not mean. She just have this high ambitions for herself that she pictures in her mind and has a great admiration for successful career women. Let’s just say her life in those 19 years were so okay. She barely has problems with family or anything that will make her realize that life is not all made up of happy songs. She has never yet experienced difficult challenges. Well, life happened and if this 23 year old me would give a message to that 19 year old me it would be this:

Hey Coolen, the past four years of your life has made you a better person, especially in the inside. Your mind and soul has been strengthened to make you more courageous and not to become a quitter. Your body is still a work in progress though, so please do exercise and eat right. Lol You have learned a lot from the movies, TV shows, books and articles you read on the web and discovered so many things about the world and yourself. You learn to value more the intangibles and the people around you. You now love cats and dogs and like other animals too. You now have at least a clearer understanding of what you want in life and who you want to become. Art, blogging, design, reading and travelling are now a huge part of your life. You wanna see the world and share it with others. You become someone you had never envisioned of but way better. I’m thankful that all those things happened because if not, maybe you became a shopaholic which is not good for your wallet (*haha) and you’re not so concerned about what others will say about you. I’m so happy and glad and you should too. Lots of love, Coolen the present.

When 2015 was about to end I told myself that I must remember in my heart all the lessons that life has taught me. Take it all in one by one and carry it on to 2016. Never I will again make the same mistakes and poor choices. To be both a dreamer and a doer. To do things each day even the smallest actions that my future self will thank for. To always have faith and trust in God and to never say ‘I give up on life.’ To always work on making my self better so that I would become the best. To always have courage and be kind like what Cinderella said. 🙂 Especially to always be true to myself and love it more. I don’t want to be in that state again. 🙂

When I celebrated the new year with my family, I made sure that my mind is full of positive thoughts and I would welcome 2016 wholeheartedly. The cheerful New Year’s Eve celebration has energized me that it continued on the first week of the year. It was a positive and great feeling. I wish that I’ll always have that energy. For the first week I did some cleaning, sorting and organizing in my room. Sorted out the clothes I can still use, rearranged my books and notebooks and organized my magazines. Reflecting on certain things and writing down ideas is refreshing. Looking and compiling inspiring articles is very enjoyable and seeing so much positive things on the web is a great way to start the new year. Change is a must and sometimes happens if we allow to. Many blogging ideas have been running on my mind since the day I decided to do it regularly and to write my own content. One that never went away is this type of blog post. To write about the happenings in my life in a week. I put it aside and thought of not doing it when I saw the Sunday Currently concept. I have done it with 5 volumes but got bored and found out the format does not work for me. It was fun writing it on Sundays, though. Since it is the new year, I would like to start this Life in a Week blog post beginning with stories about my first week of the year. I would like to have freedom in what I write in here. I think this series is kind of similar to the Life Lately post others are doing. I want my blog to be like a record of the changes in my life. It may not have recorded the last four years (*it would have been a painful, sad and worrisome blog posts) but it will from now on. I can’t wait, so let’s begin. 🙂

Change & Inspiration 1

Posted a blog post and scheduled one. You might want to read them: Hello January and Blog Roundup: December.


citizen girlI finished reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards and wrote a review. Yey! My second one. The books I’ve chosen to read next is Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. I’ll write a post about it here later. Reading challenges are everywhere and Goodreads also have it again this 2016. I joined (my second year) and pledged to read six books. Hopefully I could accomplish it or maybe even surpass the number of books I pledged because last year I only had four. 😦


Posted a book review on Spell The Book, compiled links and scheduled Internet Finds Vol. 4.


Browsed articles on the web and saved them on Pocket so that I can read them offline. Pocket is a very nice app. I love using it!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be coming up next.

-Coolen 🙂


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