Life in a Week: Change & Inspiration Part 2

Change & Inspiration


I went to Roxas City with my sister Ayris to do some errands. She went National Bookstore to buy some school supplies while I went somewhere important (*confidential ;)). I met up with our youngest sister Baby to have lunch together. Ayris was not able to join us because she already met up with her friends at the mall while  waiting for me. She joined the for lunch instead. In the afternoon we went to Cebrew Cafe. It was my first time there while its my siblings third time. Lol. I was not able to go with them at that day. Among us,  I’m the most excited iced coffees are my thing and visiting places excites me more now because of this blog. Here are some photos we took.

cebrew cafe 1

Nice interior. Its feels very cozy and relaxing in there.

ICDM stands for Iced Cafe Dark Mocha. I have to spell out my name so that they could write it right. I don’t want a misspelled name for my first coffee at Cebrew. 😉

cebrew cafe 2

My sisters ordered nachos and a chocolate cake. The nachos was okay (the chips were not so crispy) but the cake was delicious. Yum!

cebrew cafe corner

Magazines! ❤ Will be sitting beside this area next time.

I did not notice this display corner when we entered the cafe. They have this setup in there outdoor area. I just saw this when we were about to leave the cafe. I totally got so excited when I saw this that I immediately borrowed my sister’s phone to take a picture. Haha I will definitely go back there again and try there other coffee based and non-coffee based drinks. It’s a nice place to unwind alone or with a companion.

books and magazine

I also bought a book and a magazine at Booksale before going to the cafe. Literally grabbed the book the moment I saw it. 🙂 Opened the Candy magazine in the evening because I’m so excited to read the content. This is a very inspiring and motivating issue.

Favorite sections. I would love to try the DIY CD Mixtape.


Oh my! I want one.


The highlight of this issue. ❤ ❤ ❤


One of my favorite quotations.


Cara on the back cover!

Candy magazine never fails to inspire and motivate its readers whether teenagers or 20-something teenagers. Haha I’ve been reading Candy magazines since I was 15 and still do up to this day. I love sharing it with my sisters who are now in there teens. This issue is a must read and I never regret buying this one. 🙂


A day of discovery. 🙂 Found the blogs In Honor of Design and Ramona Crisstea. The first I found when I searched guides on posting photos on Instagram and the latter on The blogger of the site followed me and her blog is too nice not to follow her. I like her writing style. When someone follows my blog, I’m more inspired to blog even better.

Songs I listened on Spotify this day that I liked the most:

  • Cheerleader by Pentatonix
  • Amazing Day & Up and up by Coldplay
  • Lost Together by Hannah and Gabi (Haha Yes album) – missed listening to the familiar beat of their songs. I discovered them through Etcetera, a TV show on ETC channel.
  • Bright by Echosmith

All of these were added to my Coolen’s Playlist 2016.

This is the journal that I’m currently using. Been writing on it since January 7, 2015.

Wrote on my journal and pasted some memorabilia’s from the previous years. I want to fill this up so that I can already use my Molang Diary.


We went to Ivisan to visit my aunt who is very very sick. She’s my mother’s cousin in the paternal side. We’re praying for a miracle from God that He may make her well. While the adults are telling stories with each other and having some serious conversations, Ayris and I went outside. It would be so bad not to take photos when the  house you’re in is just near the sea.

front of the house

The front of the house.


Mabaay island saying hello.


I think this dog likes to have a photo of itself taken. This dog walked up to us and stayed in the same place for a moment. 🙂

Such a serene and calm afternoon. We seldom go to the beach and going here excites us.

Nowadays, getting sick is so scary even with the advanced technology we have and availability of medicines. That’s why taking care of our health and staying fit is so important. One of my goals this year is to survive 2016 without getting sick. A little bit of cough and colds worries me especially that I had pneumonia twice. Sleeping early as much as possible, eating the right food, exercise regularly even at least once a week and taking vitamins are the things I’m going to do to avoid illness. We can’t go after our dreams if we’re not healthy.

Sad to say that by the time I’m writing this post, my aunt is already gone. She died on Monday morning. This all feels so sudden. Last August 2015 she was so happy and energetic when we went to Mabaay Island. 😦 May she find peace that she is with God now.

-Coolen 🙂


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