Book Haul: December 2015

IMG_20160110_121816As someone who loves reading and books, nothing is more exciting than hearing the news that someone you admire not only for their looks but also because of their undeniable excellence in their work will be publishing their first ever book. As a fan, you want to be a part of that milestone. Thanks to the creation of Instagram, that we can all meet inspiring people through our smartphones. Visually appealing photographs, striking poses, mesmerizing filters and creative layouts make you tap that photo in your discovery feed to read the caption and see who is the owner.

Clicking the very familiar name on the caption of one of the celebrities I follow is how exactly I met BJ Pascual. Being an avid reader of locally published magazines like Preview, Candy, Mega, Meg, Metro and Chalk, I often see his name on the credits it is either he photographed the cover or the editorial. Finally, I have seen the person behind the beautiful photographs. In an instant, I became a fan girl. lol Who wouldn’t? With that cute and handsome looks, good taste in fashion and talent in photography, oh my! I die. Haha Just checkout his Instagram account and online portfolio to see what I mean. 🙂 BJ is my photographer crush. 😉 Yes, I’m telling all you that.

In an ever diverse industry of fashion where creatives are so abundant that great skills, originality and personality are one of the keys to standout from the rest, BJ Pascual as such a young age did it. He’s now one of those respected Filipino photographers who had made names for themselves and continues to do so. Skills is a must but if the work looks the same as the rest and has no character it wouldn’t have that long lasting impression or so I think. I believe that the reason why globally renowned photographers became who they are today, is because of their great skills, hardwork, determination, vision, originality and signature styles. Each of them has something in the photos they took that are only from them. BJ Pascual’s photographs are just that, so it is not impossible that one day he will become one of them.

After meeting him on Instagram, I checked the magazine I have and see who photographed the covers and the editorials. Then I just realized that most of the ones I have are shot by him. A beautiful cover plus interesting contents are my formulas whether I should buy the magazine or not. Stunning magazine covers have a huge appeal to me. Following him on IG would mean double tapping his photos and treating my eyes to his awesome feed. #feedgoals 🙂 It was Saturday morning when I was scrolling Instagram feed, a surprising post from him pop out of the screen announcing that his book entitled Push: Muses, Mischief & How To Make It In Manila is going to be available in all leading bookstores nationwide. Wow! I’m gonna buy a copy I told myself. Some of his fans living in Manila area already got a copy and are proudly posting it on Instagram and tagging him in the photo. Living in a province in Visayas would mean waiting a week, a two or more for the book to be available in the bookstores here. Even before the books could reach the markets of Visayas and Mindanao its already in demand in Luzon particularly in Manila. Fans are like in a panic mode commenting on BJ’s Instagram account saying that they haven’t bought one because its already sold out. Lucky me, my sister got to buy one before it’s too late. It’s one of the last two copies left, the cashier at Booksale (SM City Iloilo branch) told my sister. I’m so happy that I got the book in my preferred cover. Yey! 🙂 I like the vibe that this cover (featuring Kathryn Bernardo) gives me.

Push with Kathryn on the cover

His book was published in four different covers. See the other three here, here and here. These four girls are young actresses who are in his long list of muses.

Some of my favorite pages in his book:




I call them ‘The Women’. Starting from upper left (clockwise) is Liz Uy, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Bea Soriano Dee, Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson.


My favorite Anne Curtis.

back cover

Reading the book gave me so much feels and I got to admire him even more. Flipping through the pages is seeing BJ’s years of hardwork and determination to reach the status he has today. He is an inspiration to many Filipinos especially to today’s generation. Gosh! I cannot explain how I felt when I first opened and read through the pages of PUSH. I am so proud of him. It is just not any other book of photographs but a book of inspiration and lessons. Whenever I see it, it reminds me to not just be a dreamer but also a doer and to never stop learning and to continue perfecting the craft I have chosen.

-Coolen 🙂

*Read the article written about him on PHIL STAR SUPREME here.

*PUSH by BJ Pascual is available in all leading bookstores and newsstands nationwide for PHP 395 and also has a digital edition available on Buqo app (App Store and Google Play).

Bought in: Booksale


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