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Life in a Week: The Blues

If there is anything that makes life bittersweet, it would be the blues: challenges, problems, trials, hindrances a.k.a anything that makes us sad, worry, stress, frown and is one of the causes of wrinkles. haha What makes it sweet is the victory after solving and getting over all those things. I believe that if we all accept that life is not all happiness, it will make us more courageous and be prepared for anything that may come our way. Lesser worries and more on seizing every moment of our lives.

The fact that we are not all alone in facing the blues of life makes it less of a burden. We have our family, friends, God, colleagues and acquaintances. Also add to that strangers we meet everyday. They may not directly help us solve our problems but with their small act of kindness they make our day a little brighter. Something to remind us that there is still goodness in this planet and makes us continue on our day with a smile on our face if not I do not know what it is. It is not only through receiving kindness that we feel happiness but also by giving it. A year or two ago when I was in a hurry to buy groceries and I was not in a good mood that day (*I can’t remember what’s wrong.) a woman probably in her late 50’s and early 60’s asked me to read the expiration date of the bread she’s going to buy. She doesn’t wear any eyeglass so maybe she forgot it (*problems of getting old 🙂 ) or she is yet to have one. Of course, I read the date and handed her the bread. She said thank you and I smiled back at her. She walked away and I’m still at my place looking at her with a glad heart. Thank you to that woman for changing my mood into a good one and to remind me to slow down and to do not take everything too seriously. It took me a long time to learn the latter but what is important is I learned and I’m applying it in my life starting this very year. That experience reminds me that help comes in so many ways and it doesn’t matter how small or big it is as long as it is done with a sincere heart and pure intentions. No matter how gloomy days are, the sun will still shine. 🙂

If I’m going to describe my 2nd week of 2016 using hashtags, it would be this: #I’mSoLowOnEnergy #SoSad #INowAppreciateEveryMoment and #It’sGonnaBeOkay. Situations will make you choose who you will become at that moment and influence who you will become in the future. At least it will only influence not decide because the decision depends on us, either you spiral down or go up, be strong or grow weaker, learn and carry on or learn and but forget it all of a sudden when the road gets rough. Thinking things through and reflecting on it is what I miss when everything seems so loud and busy days feels endless. Writing down what’s on my mind (ideas or thoughts) is what I like to do to ease my mind and to think clearly. It’s always a great key and help when making decisions and when getting back on track.

The blues 2


Posted my first part of my entry for this type of blog post.


Published the second part which I scheduled on Monday. I read some articles that I saved on Pocket. I recently discovered this app and I find it great. You can read the articles you saved even if you’re offline. Two thumbs up! 🙂 Just wanna share with you the link to the music video by the Filipino band Cheats (in which one of my favorite bloggers Saab, is a member). It was shot in Resorts Worlds Sentosa in Singapore. It is so cool, cute and fun. Watching it made me look forward to the summer season. 🙂


That show on Lifestyle channel entitled Chic! is so chic. I like the show because I learned so much about French culture.


I met up with my sisters at Roxas City, had lunch, bought groceries and medicines at had merienda for the first time at ACC Coffee and Crepe. 🙂

ACC Coffe and Crepe

We all ordered Carbonara and two different types of coffee based drinks. Iced Caramel Machiatto for my two younger siblings and Iced Caramel Frappucino for me. The Carbonara is delicious!

*ACC Coffee and Crepe is located at the ground floor of Robinsons Place Roxas City, in front of Payless.


I went to my classmate’s (in highschool) house with my friends from highschool to visit the funeral of her mother.


Finally went to 7 Eleven here in our town with my youngest sister. We ate ice cream that cost PHP 15 only and bought Asado Siopao for takeout.

ice cream


Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote on my journal this day. Despite feeling tired, I still forced my myself to write what I felt and thought about my day. I cannot let the day pass by without writing down what I truly feel.

– Happy/sad Sunday. That would be the words I’m going to use to describe my day today. We went to Balaring this morning to visit my the funeral of my aunt (my mother’s cousin) who died this Monday. it was so sad to see her die at such a young age of 39. Despite the sadness felt because of her loss, her immediate family try their best to ease the pain and remain strong. Our family is such a joyful one, despite the sadness we still managed to laugh, say jokes and have silly conversations that lead to laugh out loud moments. Spending the whole day at Balaring is a serene one with the beautiful view of the sea and with the accompany of a happy, loving and supportive family. Sitting near the seaside is so relaxing. A feeling of calmness and peace overtakes the almost busy mind. The blue waters coupled with the bright sky is truly a feast for the eyes. Staying there for this day makes me appreciate my family even more and the little things in life. Seizing every moment you have with your family makes me realize that it can humble you and give you more purpose in life. It makes me dream big and motivates me to achieve it. Nothing can beat the understanding and love a family can give. I’m so thankful that I have this type of family no matter what problems we may have. I only not live for myself but also for the people around me especially them. Laughter can brighten up your day, warm hugs can ease the pain and wisdom from the elders can lead to success. Hardships gives life lessons and jolly moments are worth keeping for. 🙂 –

A few photos I took during our stay there:




This dog loves the camera. 🙂

This week I listened to some songs on Spotify and took screenshots of album covers I like.

Cheerleader by Pentatonix, White Winter Hymnal by Birdy and Never Ending Circles by CHVRCHES. I got curious about the band CHVRCHES because of Abbey Sy. 🙂

These album covers are artsy. ❤ Aside from discovering songs and listening to them on Spotify, one thing that I also like about the app are the album covers.

Have a great week!

-Coolen 🙂

*Featured image from Unsplash by Ravi Roshan

All photos of album covers are from Spotify.


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