Holiday Trip Part 2: Garin Farm in San Joaquin

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Welcome to part 2 of my family’s holiday trip. After visiting the church of Miagao, we headed to Garin Farm at San Joaquin. We traveled from the town of Miagao to the town of San Joaquin by jeepney. I think the travel time was around 30 minutes. We took a tricycle ride going to the farm. It was not far away from the town proper.

We’re here! First, we paid an entrance fee of PHP 150 per person and the guard checked our bags.

green vegetable tunnel

Where are we going?


Entered the Green Vegetable Tunnel.

List of vegetables planted in the farm in there English and Hiligaynon names.

Agriculture enthusiast will surelike it here.


There are also domestic animals found while walking along the tunnel.

Rabbits and White Doves.

Guinea Fowl and Turkey.

Muscovy Duck or Pato and Black Layer Chicken.

Peking Ducks. The name reminds me of Peking Opera.

This one does not shy away from the camera. Caption for the photo in the right: I’m living in the moment. haha


A different type of goats.


A baby goat. Cute!

Talk about recycling.


Spotted this model farmer in the corner of the tunnel. Modern it is. He has a cellphone.

Walk, walk, walk. This tunnel looks endless.


I was surprised to see this signage. Unexpected!

They have the lyrics to the Philippine folk song ‘Bahay Kubo’ displayed at the entrance.


Front and back view.

Sneak peek on what’s inside the bahay kubo. Me and my siblings entered the house because were curious of what it looks like inside.

Some of the plants in the bahay kubo song.

We found pigs and a bull in the area where the bahay kubo model is located. It was our first time to see a bull this close.


Met a Murrah Buffalo after leaving the bahay kubo area.


A monkey.

Finally made our way to the top. On the right is the dining hall.

Went here first before anything else.


This is what welcomed us. Stairway to heaven?


The Garden of Eden.


Noah’s ark.

Peace yow, Noah. lol The chipmunks are also there. 🙂


Moses! The Ten Commandments or Ang Napulo nga Sugo in Hiligaynon.


A closer look at the 480-step stairway. On its top is a 101 feet tall Blazing Divine Mercy Cross. We didn’t climbed here. The sun is scorching hot and we have little energy left. lol Maybe, next time.


The road to there hilltop rooms.


Met up with our parents in the dining hall to eat ice cream. Perfect for cooling off after the sweaty and hot tour on our way here.

View from the dining hall and there are bird’s nest on the balcony of the dining hall.

Bandi! Yum.. 🙂

Inside their dining hall. I took photos of what’s inside while we’re waiting for our food to be served.

They also have paintings hanging on the walls.

After almost an hour of waiting, our food was finally served. Honestly, we find the food not so delicious but it was not so bad either.

While waiting for our turn to go boating, we joined the Dove Feeding activity. Guests are invited to participate in giving food to the doves for free. It was fun! 🙂 Trust me it doesn’t hurt.

Boating time!


What the sky looks like that day.




After the exhausting activity, we decided to order calamansi juice to refresh. I’m so excited for it but oh my, it taste so sad. I should have drank water or ordered softdrinks instead.



OOTD? 🙂 I thank myself that during this trip I applied sunscreen and brought it with me. It’s December but feels like March, April and May the summer months here in the Philippines. *Reminder: Always wear sunscreen. 🙂


Got a brochure.



The place is beautiful and relaxing which is perfect for everybody and the only downside for us was the food. They should improve it because they do not allow their guest to bring food and drinks bought outside the farm. My whole experience at Garin Farm was fun and educational. This is a great place to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Looking forward to visiting this place again, I want to try the zipline and climb the 480-step stairway. 🙂 This one day holiday trip with my family is for keeps. 

For more information about Garin Farm check them out at

-Coolen 🙂



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