Life in a Week: Life is Awesome

Life is such a mystery, full of possibilities yet mostly unknown. Amidst all the not so sweet coated candies that life has offered me, I’m thankful that there are a lot of things that makes me realize how wonderful it is to be still breathing here on this planet: family, friends, my blogs: Coolen L and Spell The Book, art, books, stationery, ice cream coffee, chocolates, internet, magazines, music, movies, TV, our pet cats and dogs, the beautiful places I see on media and the ones I want to visit, the latest discoveries and so on and so forth. The fact that our future is still unknown and that our present actions has something to do with it makes me glad. I can do something about my future. Learn from my past, don’t waste time and work hard and wisely in my present and have faith and hope in the future.

I guess it’s all about the choices, the fate and the luck. I choose to live life with happiness no matter what and be my own best confidante than rather be my own worst critic, as for the fate I have no idea so I’ll just have faith that it will be great and for the luck, good luck to me. Inhale, exhale.

My life after the second week of January involved a lot of reflections, discoveries and realizations.

life in a week 3-6 2


Week 3

I watched the premier of National Geographic’s new show, LEGEND OF THE MONKEY GOD. This documentary is amazing and it shows how the curiosity of humans could result to being so driven and determined. After watching, my interest and curiosity about Mayan cities and historical sites grew even more.

About LEGEND OF THE MONKEY GOD: For 22 years, Steve Elkins has been searching for the legendary White City in Mosquitia, the largest untouched rainforest in Central America — 34,000 square miles of tangled jungle, jaguars and swarming insects. The film tells the amazing story of his decades-long search, his astonishing discovery, and how archaeologists are just now starting to unravel the mysteries of an ancient culture.

Read more about this documentary here and see the gallery here.

On January 23rd my family and I went to my father’s hometown and we stayed there for a night and went home the next day. It was a good time to also see my grandmother and spend time in a different place like theirs. It was a breath of fresh air. There’s so much trees and the weather is cold especially during early in the morning.

I’ve never been there for years so visiting brought back some memories like this former house of my father’s family which is just beside the present house. We used to went here during fiesta and whenever we want to visit.

After 4 days my grandma decided to stay here at home after her check up. Sort of a short vacation and getting well period from cough. At first, it felt a little awkward and different because it has been a long time since we have grandma here at home. lol In the end we all had fun.

Week 4

Met with my youngest sister at the mall and ate ice cream because I’m really craving for it.

snowpy ice cream

Mocha flavored ice cream with chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles, nips and marshmallows.

Week 5

I watched Candidly Nicole, one of the most entertaining shows I watch on Star World. I thought that Nicole Richie is a serious type of person and in through this show I got to know her more and see her quirky and fun personality. I also knew that her friend Katherine is the co-founder of Who What Wear. Before I thought that Candidly Nicole is a reality show until I read this article from Vanity Fair.

I discovered a blog about introverts: Introvert, Dear. There are fun and insightful articles here about different types of introverts. I think that as an introvert this helped me understand myself more.

Week 6

I watched Showbiz Korea and MYX Movie Date and discovered new movies. Here are the three that I want to watch:

  • Pure Love – a Korean movie. The plot: On a live music radio show, a letter arrives from the 23 years in the past. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed. Source:
  • Me Before You – I want to read the book first before watching this. Sam Claflin (aka Finnick from Hunger Games) plays the guy whom the Emilia Clark (aka the Dragon Girl from Game of Thrones) is gonna take care of and to whom later on she develops a close relationship with. Heart heart. The trailer gave me so much feels. Here’s a link to the movie’s website. There’s a trailer here so you can have a glimpse of the movie.
  • Danish Girl – because Eddie Redmayne is the Danish girl. (*insert heart eyes emoji). According to IMDb, it’s a fictitious love story loosely inspired by the lives of Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

I wanna enter our television screen (I hope they can be magic portals for people to travel) while watching Anthony Bourdain’s: Part’s Unknown so that I can go to Budapest, Hungary immediately. It was a very beautiful place. The designs of old buildings are A+ and it’s amazing how they had preserved it after so many years. Some things and interesting places I learned and picked up from the show:

  • Budapest is divided in two places, Buda – lower part of the place and Pest – the upper part.
  • There’s a cafe named New York Café and during its hey days everyone from all walks of life are welcome there and it’s a place frequented by artist, writers, poets, intellectuals and other creatives. If I’m not wrong, the cafe offers free food to these people in exchange for writing a poem, an artwork, etc.
  • Gellert– a bath house with a very exquisite interior design.

On Valentine’s Day, my family and I spent the day at my aunt’s house. We ate delicious food for lunch, watched a movie and had both fun and serious conversations.

Despite the anxiety I felt and problems I faced during this four-week period, I still think that life is awesome.

-Coolen 🙂

*Featured image from Unsplash by Bảo-Quân Nguyễn



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