Hello April!

April has arrived and summer season is finally here. The super hot weather is making me crave: ice cream, sundaes and cold drinks and also beach/pool therapy. Hopefully, that family trip to a nearby resort will happen soon. On the other hand, the 4th month of the year reminds me to be more focused on my priorities and to work hard. No more excuses! I need to do something with my life.

hello april

The blog has a new look since April 1. I got tired of my old theme and decided to change it to much simpler one. Thanks to Sage and Clare for showing me how pretty this theme could be. ❤ Now I always have to remind myself to put featured image on every blog post I’ll publish. 🙂

List of things I want to do this month:

  • Don’t buy books and magazines. I have a lot of books unread and it would be so silly if I buy one and just leave it unread for months just like the others. I’ll just think of this as one form of saving.
  • Finish reading A Tale of Two Cities or The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Start drawing lessons on Drawspace.

May I don’t get lazy and discouraged often so that I could accomplish these things.


April is the fourth month of the year, has 30 days, and is named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

April’s birth flower is the daisy and sweet pea.

The birthstone for April is the diamond which symbolizes innocence.

Read more about this month’s history and how it was named here.


Read your April horoscope here from NYLON.

Happy April and enjoy summer!

-Coolen 🙂

Featured photo from Unsplash by Kris Atomic

-Data source: timeanddate.com


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