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I want to go away and never come back
I want to be lost and never be found
I want to sleep and never wake up
For life is hard and mind is in chaos.

I asked questions and got no answer.
I tried but failed.
I struggled and fought a battle with myself.
I looked back and sighed.
I found courage and inspiration, I then survived.

Everyday is a new beginning I told myself.
I have to move forward and never fall back.
I have to go on with life and just keep going
no matter what.
I have to face life and never shy away.
I have to and I need to, I told myself.

There are many battles but caring is a choice.
I have to focus on what truly matters, I have to.
I am a dreamer and must be a doer and I should be.
I just to keep going and going for at the end,
it is either I learn or I win.

-Featured image from Unsplash by Chiawei Lin



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