Life in a Week: Inspiration


In the midst of checking off to-do lists and juggling everyday challenges, I find life somehow comforting. It throws you sticks and stones but with doses of inspiration. I guess life doesn’t really want us to fall to the bottom and if we do, there’s a ladder we can climb on plus a shade of light for guidance. Life would be utterly boring and dull without inspiration from people, animals, nature and to other things around us. It can strike us anytime, anywhere and mostly at unexpected times. It’s amazing how it can compel someone to do so what it seems to be impossible, to create what would later be a masterpiece, to have courage to rise from hitting the rock bottom and to always change for the better.

I am thankful to have found inspiration almost everyday of my life  from the littlest things to the biggest ones. I am inspired to always work hard, hustle and be kind for my aspirations. It lifts up my spirit and carries me to the world of possibilities.


Week 7

quote 1

I read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery which is now one of my favorite books. You can read the book review I wrote here.

Random thoughts:

The reason why I was born. lol 😀

I watched the 1st Presidential Debate for this upcoming May 2016 Election. #intense The last debate happened last Sunday and until now I haven’t decided yet whom I should vote.

    Week 8

After a long pause I continued reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. As of this date I’m now on Book The Second: Chapter 1 Five Years Later  and I now quite understand the story. The words are deep.

page by paige

Read Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge in one sitting. It’s a graphic novel with a simple plot but with a realistic, enriching and relatable story. I admire the drawings and the wisdom that this book brings. I want to be good at sketching. #wishes




I love art and wanted to improve my drawing/painting skills so I thought of having an art journal. I used the free notebook my mother got from Payless (a shoe store).





After (Still a work in progress.)

This Deep Focus playlist on Spotify is one of my favorites.

Discovered the blogs:

Check out these blogs and be inspired like me.

Week 9


I bought the book Besties by Solenn Heusaff and Georgina Wilson. I read that same day and found it to be inspiring and informative. It only cost PHP 195 which surprised me. It’s affordable but of great value. 🙂 I’ll write more about this book in a separate post.


Image from Megan Hess Instagram account.

Discovered the Instagram account of Fashion Artist and Author Megan Hess. Her illustrations are so pretty. #veryinspiring

Week 10

Lesson learned:

Most of the time it really pays off to be early.

molang diary

I started using my Molang Diary. The long wait is over. 🙂

IMG_20160312_190644This red velvet cake from my aunt’s birthday is delicious.

teen vogue

Finally found my long lost copy of Teen Vogue magazine with Emma Watson on the cover. I bought this at Booksale for a discounted price because it’s an old issue. I admire her for being humble, smart and hard working.

Be inspired and keep inspiring.

-Coolen 🙂

-Featured image from Unsplash by Morgan Sessions


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