Hello May!

The summer heat is still here and weather reports says it would get hotter. May is the last month of the summer season and I want to make the most of it, before rainy days begin.


My schedule shows that this is gonna be a busier month than April. Well, I must hustle. My May month this year is filled with art related activities like:

  • #ABCsBookChallenge – a lettering challenge by Abbey Sy which started on April 25 and will end on June 20. You can read more about it here.
  • Learning how to paint with watercolors.
  • Honing my drawing and sketching skills because I wanted to be very good at it.
  • Making illustrations for my poem entries on my blog’s new category Writings on Paper.

I’m also catching up on reading A Tale of Two Cities and The Picture of Dorian Gray to meet the deadlines I set. 🙂 I will not start reading another book unless I finish these first. I love how things are going pretty well for me, I hope that this will continue. 🙂


May is the fifth month of the year, has 31 days, and is named after the Greek godess Maia.

Its birth flower is the Lily of the Valley and the Crataegus monogyna.

The birthstone for May is the emerald which represents love or success.

Read more about this month’s history and how it was named here.


Read your May horoscope here from NYLON.

Happy May!

-Coolen 🙂

Featured photo from Pixabay by Pezibear

-Data source: timeanddate.com


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