Life in a Week: Read, Write & Draw

Add something that is not the usual to a series of monotonous activities and a new journey begins. Starting a journey is a choice and continuing it is not an easy decision, for a yes or a no can change your life in many ways. It is challenging and requires a lot of effort and hard work. It’s also like walking blindfolded because you do not have any idea what you’ll be into in the end. The unknown results makes us hopeful, encourages us to at least try and give our very best in everything.

These past weeks, I have been busy juggling the usuals and my new endeavors in life. It’s creative, fun, a great outlet and a learning experience. 🙂

Life in a Week 16-20

   WEEK 16


Mixing Palette, Clips, Faber-Castell Coloring Pens and Drawing Paper from Expressions. Sketchbook from Daiso

I did some Art Haul for my illustrations (I’m learning how to paint with watercolor.) and in preparation for the #ABCsBookChallenge.


I did my first illustration. This is for my poem ‘The Canvas’.

This year I started to not buy books that often. Especially fiction because I have a lot of unread books and to minimize my expenses and save money. I’m glad to have discovered the website Blogging for Books. The discovery was an accident. I can’t remember what I was searching on Google at that time. lol Blogging for Books is a website wherein they give free copies of  books to bloggers, retailers, librarians and media outlets in exchange for an honest review. You can read more this website here. The book I chose was And After Many Days by Jowhor Ile and I have 90 days to read it and write a review. My book review will be up on my other blog, Spell The Book and on their website on July.

    WEEK 17

On April 25, I joined the ABCs Book Challenge a lettering challenge by Abbey Sy. An artist and author from the Philippines. I finally gave in after thinking twice and I have no regrets. This is a good start in forming the habit of creating artworks more often, practicing and learning more. Read more about it here. P.S It’s not yet too late to join.

Lesson learned:

Keep artworks neat and clean. 

    WEEK 18

I read A Tale of Two Cities again. I pity this book because I haven’t finished reading it. Huhu This week is a #ArtInspirationWeek because I’ve discovered a lot of beautiful artworks and tutorials on Instagram, Pinterest and We Heart It. I downloaded a lot of photos for references and ideas.

    WEEK 19


By the time this post is published, the canvassing of votes is already done and new political officials for National and Local positions had already been declared. The 2016 Elections has been a very unique, controversial and a tough one. It was my second time to vote and I’m glad to have exercised my right to vote as a Filipino citizen. The election day as a whole was peaceful and organized eventhough there were minimal problems and election related accidents  encountered in several precincts and in some towns. I’m excited for what is next for the Philippines especially that our newly elected President and Vice-President are both opposite individuals and their track record in politics is different from the previous elected officials. Also, there is a mobile game inspired by our new President which is free to download on Google Play. 😀

Two websites has caught my attention this week, Society6 and Red Bubble. After reading their about pages and faq’s and doing some research I decided to join one of this websites. Right now, I’m in the process of curating and creating some artworks/designs to be uploaded on my chosen website. I’m planning on launching it here on the blog next week. I hope that this new endeavor of mine will be successful.

The last of the weekend was spent in my father’s hometown. Me and my family went there to join in the celebration of the Feast of St. Isidro Labrador. We attended the mass, ate a sumptuous lunch at my grandma’s house and had a fun chit-chat with our relatives and visitors.

    WEEK 20


A new magazine added to my collections. This issue is special because this is the last magazine cover shoot of my favorite It Girl Georgina Wilson as a single woman and it’s Preview magazine’s first black and white cover. She got married last April and many people had no idea about the wedding until the #theburnands was included in the caption of photographs uploaded by Georgina’s friends and family and herself too. I’m so happy for her. Here’s a little sneak peek on her feature.

The photo on the left is my most favorite and on the right are photos from her bridal shower.


This week it already started raining every afternoon and it is no joke. I’m glad that it already rained after many months of intense heat but the thunder and lightning are scary.

-Coolen 🙂

-Featured image from Death to Stock


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