Internet Finds Vol. 8: Life Stories and Other Stuff

Hi! How is this month going for you so far? I hope that it’s fine and whatever you’re going through  today, it will pass. Also, don’t  forget to stay sane no matter how busy you are. With a lot of tasks to check off on my to-do list, I always remember the advice to ‘prioritize’. I want to accomplish some really important task for this month and sometimes it can be overwhelming. From time to time, I try to calm down and take a break. If I’m not watching T.V, I read a book, blogs or articles I had saved on my Pocket app. Some of it are pretty serious stuff, just pure entertainment and some are a combination of both.

This latest list includes articles I’ve read since May and up to today. I find all worth reading so, I’m sharing it all here on my blog. I hope that  you’ll enjoy reading and learn something from these.

internet finds 8



My most favorite among the handful of articles I have read. Thanks Pocket! 

  • I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across the World, Became a Celebrity in China, and Found a Friend for Life by Matt Stopens – I don’t want to spoil anything from this article because like how interesting the title is, so is the story. This is not fiction but a true story of a guy who lost his phone buys a new one and went to an adventure that changed his life. Includes some interesting facts, fun adventures and life lessons. For me, this story is a proof that adversities/challenges/not-so-nice events in our life are often blessings in disguise. Haha

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