Hello August!

As I counted the days that passed by, I realized that life is ever changing. It isn’t always the same and when I looked back to what my life was like before, the challenges I faced and the moments that took my breath  away, I ask myself how did I overcome it, how it happened and why. No matter how I sometimes find life to be difficult, it still amazes me; how it still goes on and what makes people keep going. I came to realize that apart from maybe whatever happens, happens, destiny, fate, timing, God’s will, etc. our life is also made up of our choices, options we chose, opportunities we took, words we spoke and actions undertaken. And later, we either regret it or not.

As I grow older, I have learned that to stay regretful of the poor choices I’ve made is a huge waste of time. It will get me nowhere. The best choice is to reflect on those  choices, learn from it and move forward. The previous months were all amazing in there own ways. It may not be the best but there is always something good in those months that I’m thankful for. It was a journey to further self-discovery, learning new things and finding what I believe are passion in life. To be surprised by life, grow from its challenges, learn from its lessons and to feel glad and experience happiness in all its glorious wonders is exhilarating. It makes me pray that I may never be afraid. At the end of the day, to live life is still good.

Hello August

Nothing could be better than starting the month watching fun and lovely movies like, The Best of Me and Inside Out and reading a book like Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer. This book has so many good things in it. 🙂 For this month I’m going to:

  • Read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (I need to finish this one.)
  • Be diligent with my drawing lessons on Drawspace
  • Do personal art projects, and
  • See life in perspective and face it with a positive mind-set.


August is the eighth month of the year, has 31 days, and is named after Augustus Caesar.

Its birth flower is the gladiolus or poppy which represents beauty, strength, love, marriage and family.

The birthstone for August is the peridot or onyx.

Read more about this month’s history and how it was named here.  _________________________________________________________________

Read your August horoscope here from NYLON.

Coolen 🙂

Featured photo from Unsplash by Henry Be

-Data source: timeanddate.com



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