Internet Finds Vol. 11: The Must Reads

Hi! Christmas is already less than a month away and after that we will all be looking forward to New Year. 🙂 So exciting right? For sure many of us are busy preparing for the coming holidays either staying at home or travelling locally or abroad. Preparing for this occasions is fun especially when it comes to food, gifts and decorations. ❤ I originally wanted to find articles on tips on preparing for the holidays such as those mentioned above but after reading the articles listed here, I changed my mind. More than the food, gifts and decorations, we should also be mindful of ourselves and the life we are living.

Thus, this new list of internet finds is composed of articles (I found on Pocket) about self-improvement and life advice and lessons which we can all apply in our day to day living and in achieving our goals.


1. 10 Ideas That Will Make You A Better Reader by Milena
2. 10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings by Maria Popova
3. Applying Lessons from Sun Tzu and The Art of War to Everyday Life by James Clear
4. You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self by Peter Bregman
5. The Pot Belly of Ignorance by Shane Parrish

-Coolen 🙂


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