Life in a Week: Inspiration, Opportunities and Life’s Bittersweet Recipe

“With everything that I’ve been through in life, I realized that life is what we make it and how we see life in the right perspective really matters. To always do what can do and to have faith that everything will be alright is essential.”
-Journal, 09.26.16            

If I were to paint my life in a canvas, I would make an abstract painting with a combination of psychedelic colors in a way that you’ll feel dizzy watching it up close yet find somewhat pretty and calming from afar. My life is good and in that sea of goodness where I’m so at peace also lies memories of storms. Storms that made me who I am today, storms that led to amazing discovery of the thing I’m currently pursuing as a hobby and to a journey of further self-discovery.

I feel so grateful of the opportunities I had during these weeks, for the courage to try so that I won’t miss it, for the unexpected nice things that happened and for the situations wherein I learned and become more knowledgeable on how to handle difficulties in life. Also, for the circumstances that made me rediscover and discover art and blogging. For in the midst of stress and life’s disappointments, these two things became my way of de-stressing and taking a break from all the noise of living life. Both art and blogging reminds me of the person I can become; it keeps me going, inspired, motivated and thankful for the gift of life. 🙂


WEEK 39-41

“Delving into arts has made me fell better about myself and is motivating me to work hard and smart and to do my best each time.”
-Journal, 10.11.16










Jeroen Smeets the writer of the article ‘The Self-Confident City’, recommends picking up an issue of Bitchslap Magazine. It’s available for free all over town. I wonder what is it about. 

  • I bought a magazine from Booksale called Juxtapoz. An art and culture magazine from the USA. The first thing that I noticed is the unique illustration and the color pink on the cover. lol I’m now into buying quality art books and magazines. To own and read Frankie and Flow magazines is one of my goals. I’m hoping that they’ll also be available here in the Philippines because the postage and shipping fees are expensive when ordering it directly from their respective online stores especially flow.
  • Discovered New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture after researching and reading up articles about art schools and the different programs on fine arts.
  • Watched London Has Fallen. The effects are A+.

WEEK 42-45


  • Made time for drawing lessons. 🙂
  • I drew a portrait of a girl for practice by following the instructions on Victor Perard’s book ‘How to Draw Everything’. I’m happy with what I’ve done. 🙂
  • New favorite fashion film is by Hill & Friends. Lots of pastel pink and super creative. I happen to watch it for like the third time this year and I have to stop what I’m doing to watch it all over again because the ad is just so cute. Who doesn’t want to work in a company that uses pastel pink-colored daily time records? Definitely not me. Haha There bags are also pretty.
  • Watched The Age of Adaline on HBO. (*insert heart eyes emoji) Blake Lively is super gorgeous whether it’s during the 1900’s or 2000’s.
  • Listened to podcast on Spotify. *insert title of the podcast
  • Finished reading The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson an e-book I got from Blogging for Books for free in exchange of an honest review. You can read the book review I wrote on my other blog Spell The Book.



  • Read Room by Emma Donoghue. It was an extraordinary story! It is a must read.
  • Worked on this artwork I named Girl No.1

Wrote to myself an everyday reminders:

  • Life is short, do not be lazy. -found this quote on Instagram
  • Practice makes progress. -ABC
  • Do not be afraid.
  • Have faith in the Lord.
  • CONTINUE learning…HONE your drawing, painting and writing skills.
  • Work on your personal art projects.
  • Always strive to create compelling artworks.
  • Save more, spend less, give and invest.
  • Work hard and smart.


“I realized, it’s just all in our head. What we think and do and how we react to situations are the things we can have total control of so it’s important to be optimistic and to be mindful of our surroundings and actions. To always choose what is right rather than what is easy is always the best option.”
-Journal, 11.18.16


Drawing a portrait to take a break from the real world. haha

What a bittersweet week… #adulting level 1000 I don’t want to go into the details but this was a very tiring week and by far, the most stressful I’d been for this year 2016. In the end, everything became alright and I did my best so there were no regrets. 🙂 Thanks to the people who invented social media like Instagram, I have photos of beautiful artworks to look at and time lapse videos to watch during downtime.

Here are my top four picks out of the many recently discovered Instagram accounts:

  • @masato_tsuchiya – Japanese artist who is great at figure drawing using graphite as a medium. One the reasons why I’m so inspired to learn and be also great at figure drawing. 🙂
  • @cindylaneart – her watercolor videos are a must watch if your into this medium.
  • @stellamariabaer – her moon paintings are beautiful and the colors the she uses matches the colors of her surroundings.
  • @rivuletpaper – her drawings are super beautiful and looks like it was drawn during medieval times.

-Coolen 🙂

-Featured image from Death to Stock


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