First Day in School

IMG_20170215_143552A new adventure taken, can be likened to experiences in past adventures. Journeys that left an indelible mark of nostalgia.

Art is limitless, a form of self-expression, a story, a mysterious thing to behold, a different kind of experience.

I’ve never been to an art gallery before until that day which can be likened to a ‘first day in school’ experience. My interest for going to art galleries blossomed during the days when I started learning how to draw, read blogs like ‘Tricia Will Go Places’, followed art enthusiast and artists on Instagram and when I wanted to learn more about art. The moment I saw the huge tarpaulin at UP Iloilo’s campus bearing an announcement that there will be an art exhibit at there school’s art gallery, I knew I have to go and see it for myself. I was excited. It’s an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up.

On February 15, I went to the UPV Art Gallery with my younger sibling. I can still remember feeling excited and quite nervous while asking the school’s security guard for directions just like how I usually feel during my first days in school. My heart beats faster and I’m filled with wonder. Entering the gallery wrapped me with amusement and thrill my heart could melt. Seeing many paintings in various sizes overwhelmed me. I don’t know where to start looking. The paintings were so incredible. A look at all the artworks is a sight to behold. You’ll knew there is more to it. The details were intricate and the colors I couldn’t describe in words.



Diminishing 1 & 2


All artworks by artist Melvin Guirhem, this is his 2nd solo exhibit entitled ‘Diminishing Thumbmark’. A depiction of his vision of an ideal environment as well as his longing and lament for lost indigenous heritage. (Source:

Due to being overwhelmed (maybe?), I didn’t took notes of the names of most of the paintings and the artist’s whereabouts. lol I now have an idea on what to do the next time I see an art exhibit/ go to an art gallery. This will definitely be not the last. I’m excited for the next. I want to see and learn more. Now I’m thinking of going to an art school.

-Coolen 🙂


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