Summer Diary 2017

summer diary 2017
Hello sunshine! I remember feeling excited when the March month approaches when I was in gradeschool and highschool. A two-month break from school is glorious and which I missed very much during college. Summer spells like vacation to me and even though I know that the weather is going to be hot, I’m still looking forward to this season every year. It is nice to have some breaks from the rainy days, too. For rainy days sometimes makes me feel sober (lol) and when it’s rainy season it really is rainy. It would often rain for days and news of upcoming storms could be very nerve-wracking.

Sunny days are beautiful; the skies are clear and blue and everything is just bright.
This is one of the summers in which I spent most of my time going places with my family. It feels great to go places that I’ve never been to before and to discover something new in places I’ve gone too already.
A photo diary of the places I went to and some of the things I did this year’s summer.

Balaring, Ivisan, Capiz

I went to Balaring with my family to accompany my Aunt & Uncle who came here in the Philippines for vacation. We had lunch at my grandmother’s house (my grandfather’s first cousin) and then we went to Mabaay Island.


Our delicious lunch.


Our favorite lumpia stuffed with dilis (a small fish) and some vegetables.


Photo taken last August 2015. My first trip to Mabaay Island.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine, Brgy. Sibaguan, Roxas City

I have no idea that we would go this place  and I’m glad that we did! I always see the huge statue of Jesus at the top of the hill whenever I’m at Roxas City. So, to see it up close and to see what it looks like there on top of the hill is pretty exciting.


View of Roxas City from the top of the hill.




Bisita Iglesia with My Family

We did this on Holy Thursday during the Holy Week and this time we went to 14 places of worship. A combination of churches, chapels and a meditation hill. I remember getting tired and sweaty because of the heat. To see places and pray together with my family at different places of worship all in one day, made it worth it. This practice is nothing near to what Jesus had to go through back in the day.

From left to right: Churches of the municipalities of Sigma, Dao and Mambusao and chapel of Brgy. Bula, Mambusao, Capiz


Meditation Hills at Sapian, Capiz


From left to right: Churches of the municipalities of Sapian and Ivisan, St. Vincent Ferrer chapel in Yabton, Ivisan, San Isidro Labrador chapel in Ivisan and church of Brgy. Loctugan, Roxas City


Palina Greenbelt Ecopark & Coco Veranda

After cancelling trips to places in nearby provinces scheduled for this day, we ended up going at the city of our very own province.
Palina Greenbelt Ecopark is on the list of recommended places to go when one would visit Capiz. It is located at Brgy. Cagay, Roxas City. Their main offering to customers is the river tour. Customers will have to rent a hut perched on a bamboo raft for certain fee for one tour. It will be dragged by a motor boat along sides of the mangrove trees and to a nearby island baranggay called Brgy. Ibarra. It is a nice place to go to relax and unwind because of the beautiful view of the sea and the cool breeze.



Oyster shells are used to decorate the entrance.






Surambaw. An type of fishing instrument used by locals to catch fish.

Our tour was about 30 to 45 minutes but I think that it could be longer depending on what you’ll be doing while on tour. Foods and drinks are not prohibited and you can also order seafoods from them. Just inform the personnels in advance. Life jackets are also available for customer’s safety and peace of mind.

Tip: Inquiries and reservations are a must. We just got lucky to have taken a tour because the customers who reserved it haven’t arrived yet and it was to be used at around 11 am.

After our tour, we had lunch at Coco Veranda located at Baybay, Roxas City. They serve seafoods, pork and chicken meats and many other delicious meals. A lot of public figures has dined at Coco Veranda in which the photos taken with these personalities were displayed on their wall. They were Ian Veneracion, Jugs of Itchyworms and politicians like former President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino to name a few. Their prices are quite expensive but its worth it. It’s a good place to have lunch or dinner with family or friends once in awhile. Besides the fresh seafoods that they’re serving, their pork barbecue is also a must try. If drinking buko juice in the fruit itself is what you’re looking for they also have it.



A huge shell used as a sink.


View of the bay.

Other things I did are reading books, shooting photos and making personal art projects.

summer diary
-Coolen 🙂

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