Coolen L. is a  personal blog wherein I document and share my life, thoughts and fancies, places I visit and what I read. One of the purpose why a new version of this personal blog was created, is to serve as a journal of the behind the scenes and the progress I make on my personal projects aka passion projects. The blog’s new version was born out of the necessity to do something different with my blog through writing my own content, to be productive while spending time on the internet, to have a place where I could express my thoughts and to have a creative outlet. This blog will not only serve its rightful owner but also the readers, who may happen to stumble upon this blog by sharing contents that could inspire and be useful to them.


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I’m Coolen, a 20-something who lives in the Philippines but constantly dreams of living in London and realized how blogging could be so fun.

I like art, history, listening to music, reading and watching movies and TV shows. National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Fashion TV, ETC, Lifestyle Network, HBO and Star Movies are the channels I’m frequently into. I like to read books from contemporary, young-adult, mystery, inspirational and recently historical fiction genres. I am interested in reading books under classics and psychological genres and also books that have won literary awards.

I started blogging on Tumblr in 2011 just out of curiosity on what the website is all about. Fast forward to today, here I am in this platform with my new blog. I hope you will be inspired and find something useful in what I am sharing here. 🙂

I also write reviews of the books I read and post quotations I found in them on Spell The Book.