First Day in School

IMG_20170215_143552A new adventure taken, can be likened to experiences in past adventures. Journeys that left an indelible mark of nostalgia.

Art is limitless, a form of self-expression, a story, a mysterious thing to behold, a different kind of experience.

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Girl No. 1


“Practice makes progress”, a sentence that inspires me and which I always keep in my mind and heart whenever silly thoughts about learning enters my mind. It inspires me to keep doing what I love to do and enjoy the process of being a beginner. Girl No. 1 will always remind me of the joy of learning,  the therapeutic effects of mixing colors and painting and the beginnings.

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ABCs Book Challenge: Experience & Entries

The choices we make everyday ranging from the most simple to the most risky, can lead to many possibilities that we knew nothing about. Opening doors for new opportunities, second chances and privileges that we don’t expect and jumping in and making most of these things began from the conscious decision to at least try.

Last June/July of 2015, I visited Booksale one of my go-to bookstores to just look around, unwind and if I got lucky that day to find a certain book included in my booklist, I would buy. Upon entering the store a book entitled  ‘The ABCs of Hand Lettering’ caught my attention. the artsy craftsy spirit in me woke up. The next thing that happened, I bought the book. The reason: I was interest on what I could learn. Since then, I became one of Abbey’s fans, social media follower and blog reader. When she announced that she’ll be hosting a lettering challenge, I’m one of those people who  highly anticipated it but after the day the first challenged was announced, I was thinking twice whether I should join or not. lol I joined the lettering challenge and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. 🙂

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If there is anything that reminds me of the Spring season it would be flowers with cherry blossoms in particular. Oh, how I wish to see those type of flowers in person and to travel to countries with Spring in its season. This  artwork is just a simple one, inspired by the flowers blooming during Spring. I wanted to draw cherry blossoms but I cannot, I have to practice more.

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The Tint FI

The Tint

When boredom strikes and you nothing to do or you run out of things to do to spend your time wisely, because the things that you used to do has gotten more boring with the number of times you have done them, you then resort to one of the easiest ways to find something new. Surf the internet. Scour the internet’s treasure trove to find something that may tickle your fancy or type on Google’s search box or any browsers you love to use the questions in your head and then hit enter. Then seconds later, viola! a thousand or a million of related topics appear before your very eyes. The magic of the internet. Continue reading