Internet Finds Vol. 11: The Must Reads

Hi! Christmas is already less than a month away and after that we will all be looking forward to New Year. ūüôā So exciting right? For sure many of us are busy preparing for the coming holidays either staying at home or travelling locally or abroad. Preparing for this occasions is fun especially when it comes to food, gifts and decorations. ‚̧ I originally wanted to find articles on tips on preparing for the holidays such as those mentioned above but after reading the articles listed here, I changed my mind. More than the food, gifts and decorations, we should also be mindful of ourselves and the life we are living.

Thus, this new list of internet finds is composed of articles (I found on Pocket) about self-improvement and life advice and lessons which we can all apply in our day to day living and in achieving our goals.

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Internet Finds Vol. 10: Some How-to’s and Inspiring Articles

In lieu of watching TV during downtime, I ¬†find reading to be a truly great alternative. When I don’t¬†want read something in print, I resort to Pocket. An app which lets you save articles you find on the¬†web or in their recommended list to read for later. In this recent volume of Internet Finds, I share¬†with you four of my favorite articles.¬†The first two are Pocket’s recommendation and the others¬†are by¬†Jamie Catt and Design Hatch. Enjoy reading!

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Internet Finds Vol. 9: Regaining Your Writing Soul, Is Your Personality Fixed, Will of God, etc.

Hi! Just wanted to share the interesting articles I’ve read and the fun and amazing video I watched lately. internet finds vol. 9

-Coolen ūüôā

Internet Finds Vol. 8: Life Stories and Other Stuff

Hi! How is this month going for you so far? I hope that it’s fine and whatever you’re going through ¬†today, it will pass. Also, don’t ¬†forget to stay sane no matter how busy you are. With a lot of tasks to check off on my to-do list, I always remember the advice to ‘prioritize’. I want to accomplish some really important task for this month and sometimes it can be overwhelming. From time to time, I try to calm down and take a break. If I’m not watching T.V, I read a book, blogs or articles I had saved on my Pocket app. Some of it are pretty serious stuff, just¬†pure¬†entertainment and some are a combination of both.

This latest list includes articles I’ve read since May and up to today.¬†I find all worth reading so, I’m sharing it all here on my blog. I hope that¬†¬†you’ll enjoy reading and learn something from these.

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