Summer Diary 2017

summer diary 2017
Hello sunshine! I remember feeling excited when the March month approaches when I was in gradeschool and highschool. A two-month break from school is glorious and which I missed very much during college. Summer spells like vacation to me and even though I know that the weather is going to be hot, I’m still looking forward to this season every year. It is nice to have some breaks from the rainy days, too. For rainy days sometimes makes me feel sober (lol) and when it’s rainy season it really is rainy. It would often rain for days and news of upcoming storms could be very nerve-wracking.

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A series of events had changed my life this past few months. I gained new perspective about life, had a day job, moved to a new place (after 4 years, I’m here again), etcetera. Hence, I became busier with new priorities and adjusting in this new situation of mine. No blogging and no painting activities since I received that phone call. I felt quite empty when I think about it. After two months, I think I’m ready to get back to regular programming again aka writing blog post and making art. :)My blog kind of went into a two month vacation in a far flung place with no internet connection. Lol I’m excited to blog again and write about my recent experiences and share latest discoveries especially in music. The city I’m living in right now is brimming with interesting cafe’s, art galleries, shops and events which I’m very excited to explore in the coming days/weeks/months. I’m very thankful to God for answering my prayers and for being there for me always.

Happy new year! 😄

Life in a Week: Inspiration, Opportunities and Life’s Bittersweet Recipe

“With everything that I’ve been through in life, I realized that life is what we make it and how we see life in the right perspective really matters. To always do what can do and to have faith that everything will be alright is essential.”
-Journal, 09.26.16            

If I were to paint my life in a canvas, I would make an abstract painting with a combination of psychedelic colors in a way that you’ll feel dizzy watching it up close yet find somewhat pretty and calming from afar. My life is good and in that sea of goodness where I’m so at peace also lies memories of storms. Storms that made me who I am today, storms that led to amazing discovery of the thing I’m currently pursuing as a hobby and to a journey of further self-discovery.

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