Internet Finds Vol. 13: My Picks on Brain Pickings

internet finds 13

As an avid reader, I always seek new topics to read either in print or digital. I want to read diverse topics so that I’ll have different perspective of things, to learn and be in the know. Reading has a lot of benefits. Like it expands our thinking, enriches our minds and widens our imagination. It is an important tool to thrive in life.

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Music: Playlist 01

playlist 01

It seems that these past few weeks my appetite for listening to music has gone stale. Unlike the previous months, wherein I spent a great deal of my past time on Spotify. Discovering what’s new and screenshooting artsy album covers. Here’s a list of songs often on repeat from the past year and the months that followed.

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Book Haul: March & May

book haul - march & mayAfter many years of acquiring books (some caused by impulsive buying), I realized that apart from buying books that  I really wanted to read I should also consider other factors. Such as: budget, what book I can get the most use of and whether I’m buying the book because of the hype or not. My latest book purchases are both very worth it. They’re the type of books I can keep with me forever.

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Book Haul: January & February


One of my favorite bookstore, Booksale is a treasure trove of books. It always surprises me with the book titles available for sale. Since the first day I visited, I have found a lot of books that were on my want-to-read list like: Emma, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, A Tale of Two Cities and Room by Emma Donoghue which has a movie adaption released this year.

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Be Smart in Handling Your Money

Money has always been a part of our lives ever since the day we were born. It is a necessity. An essential thing we need in order to survive and live a comfortable life. We use it to pay for food, shelter, clothing, transportation, electricity, internet and more. The list could go on forever and the fact that not everything is free, we need to have money and living in a world where the economy is unstable, we need to have financial security. Now that I’m an adult it is one of my #goals. Money is the last thing I want to worry about and that is why I should be responsible in how I use it. I have read books and articles and heard tips and advice on handling money but often, I fail to apply what I learned. I have made mistakes and poor choices that I now regret.

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Life in a Week: Life is Awesome

Life is such a mystery, full of possibilities yet mostly unknown. Amidst all the not so sweet coated candies that life has offered me, I’m thankful that there are a lot of things that makes me realize how wonderful it is to be still breathing here on this planet: family, friends, my blogs: Coolen L and Spell The Book, art, books, stationery, ice cream coffee, chocolates, internet, magazines, music, movies, TV, our pet cats and dogs, the beautiful places I see on media and the ones I want to visit, the latest discoveries and so on and so forth. The fact that our future is still unknown and that our present actions has something to do with it makes me glad. I can do something about my future. Learn from my past, don’t waste time and work hard and wisely in my present and have faith and hope in the future.

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A Reading Update by Yours Truly

Life has gone pretty fast and slightly downwards lately. I took a break from blogging here for more than two weeks because I ran out of inspiration to write. Oh, not really I just have to. To take care of a few things here and there which is somewhat personal. 😄 My spare time is spent by reading books if I’m not doing any other stuff. Last month, I posted here that I’m currently reading Citizen Girl and how I wanted to finish it but oh boy, no matter I want to finish it I cannot continue reading since I landed on Chapter 3. It was so not good and I got so confused about how the story goes. The way it was written maybe was the reason why I don’t like it.

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Currently Reading: Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

It has been more than two weeks since I last read this book and I have not yet moved on from Chapter 1. I cannot give any opinions yet about the story because I’m still on Chapter 1 entitled, Doris Mindfuck. lol It’s not the last name of Doris, the boss of Girl who is the main character in the story. This book is about a twenty-something so naturally I got interested and bought this book. I also like how red is the color of the cover and the cup reminds me of coffee every time I see it. 🙂

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