Music: Playlist 01

playlist 01

It seems that these past few weeks my appetite for listening to music has gone stale. Unlike the previous months, wherein I spent a great deal of my past time on Spotify. Discovering what’s new and screenshooting artsy album covers. Here’s a list of songs often on repeat from the past year and the months that followed.

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Life in a Week: Life is Awesome

Life is such a mystery, full of possibilities yet mostly unknown. Amidst all the not so sweet coated candies that life has offered me, I’m thankful that there are a lot of things that makes me realize how wonderful it is to be still breathing here on this planet: family, friends, my blogs: Coolen L and Spell The Book, art, books, stationery, ice cream coffee, chocolates, internet, magazines, music, movies, TV, our pet cats and dogs, the beautiful places I see on media and the ones I want to visit, the latest discoveries and so on and so forth. The fact that our future is still unknown and that our present actions has something to do with it makes me glad. I can do something about my future. Learn from my past, don’t waste time and work hard and wisely in my present and have faith and hope in the future.

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