No. 4

illustration for No. 4

I remember the days when I thought to stop breathing,
The world feels that it would crumble and break my already broken pieces.
I try to stood still but the wind was so strong.
I try to hold on but I had no one to hold
Then I remembered someone from above who once held me still on days when I thought to stop breathing.
He made me carry on and not give up.
He is that someone who will always hold my hand.


The Canvas


I stared into the canvas and thought of the emotions it evokes.
The artist’s feelings and the brushes’ strokes.
I can see the strength and it isn’t subtle.
I was drawn into it just by looking.
I feel like I was drowning into the painting that has so much depth.
Then I walked away and when I turned around, I saw you
and then I knew.