Internet Finds Vol. 9: Regaining Your Writing Soul, Is Your Personality Fixed, Will of God, etc.

Hi! Just wanted to share the interesting articles I’ve read and the fun and amazing video I watched lately. internet finds vol. 9

-Coolen 🙂

ABCs Book Challenge: Experience & Entries

The choices we make everyday ranging from the most simple to the most risky, can lead to many possibilities that we knew nothing about. Opening doors for new opportunities, second chances and privileges that we don’t expect and jumping in and making most of these things began from the conscious decision to at least try.

Last June/July of 2015, I visited Booksale one of my go-to bookstores to just look around, unwind and if I got lucky that day to find a certain book included in my booklist, I would buy. Upon entering the store a book entitled  ‘The ABCs of Hand Lettering’ caught my attention. the artsy craftsy spirit in me woke up. The next thing that happened, I bought the book. The reason: I was interest on what I could learn. Since then, I became one of Abbey’s fans, social media follower and blog reader. When she announced that she’ll be hosting a lettering challenge, I’m one of those people who  highly anticipated it but after the day the first challenged was announced, I was thinking twice whether I should join or not. lol I joined the lettering challenge and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. 🙂

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Hello August!

As I counted the days that passed by, I realized that life is ever changing. It isn’t always the same and when I looked back to what my life was like before, the challenges I faced and the moments that took my breath  away, I ask myself how did I overcome it, how it happened and why. No matter how I sometimes find life to be difficult, it still amazes me; how it still goes on and what makes people keep going. I came to realize that apart from maybe whatever happens, happens, destiny, fate, timing, God’s will, etc. our life is also made up of our choices, options we chose, opportunities we took, words we spoke and actions undertaken. And later, we either regret it or not.

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Book Haul: March & May

book haul - march & mayAfter many years of acquiring books (some caused by impulsive buying), I realized that apart from buying books that  I really wanted to read I should also consider other factors. Such as: budget, what book I can get the most use of and whether I’m buying the book because of the hype or not. My latest book purchases are both very worth it. They’re the type of books I can keep with me forever.

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Hello July

How do you stay sane and still get to do the things that you need and want to do? Prioritize? Yes. I know it but it is easily said than done. I suffered from laziness from time to time and bits of procrastination during the last weeks of June. How do you deal with these things? I did my best but I guess it is still not enough.

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Internet Finds Vol. 8: Life Stories and Other Stuff

Hi! How is this month going for you so far? I hope that it’s fine and whatever you’re going through  today, it will pass. Also, don’t  forget to stay sane no matter how busy you are. With a lot of tasks to check off on my to-do list, I always remember the advice to ‘prioritize’. I want to accomplish some really important task for this month and sometimes it can be overwhelming. From time to time, I try to calm down and take a break. If I’m not watching T.V, I read a book, blogs or articles I had saved on my Pocket app. Some of it are pretty serious stuff, just pure entertainment and some are a combination of both.

This latest list includes articles I’ve read since May and up to today. I find all worth reading so, I’m sharing it all here on my blog. I hope that  you’ll enjoy reading and learn something from these.

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