A series of events had changed my life this past few months. I gained new perspective about life, had a day job, moved to a new place (after 4 years, I’m here again), etcetera. Hence, I became busier with new priorities and adjusting in this new situation of mine. No blogging and no painting activities since I received that phone call. I felt quite empty when I think about it. After two months, I think I’m ready to get back to regular programming again aka writing blog post and making art. :)My blog kind of went into a two month vacation in a far flung place with no internet connection. Lol I’m excited to blog again and write about my recent experiences and share latest discoveries especially in music. The city I’m living in right now is brimming with interesting cafe’s, art galleries, shops and events which I’m very excited to explore in the coming days/weeks/months. I’m very thankful to God for answering my prayers and for being there for me always.

Happy new year! 😄


Life in a Week: Inspiration, Opportunities and Life’s Bittersweet Recipe

“With everything that I’ve been through in life, I realized that life is what we make it and how we see life in the right perspective really matters. To always do what can do and to have faith that everything will be alright is essential.”
-Journal, 09.26.16            

If I were to paint my life in a canvas, I would make an abstract painting with a combination of psychedelic colors in a way that you’ll feel dizzy watching it up close yet find somewhat pretty and calming from afar. My life is good and in that sea of goodness where I’m so at peace also lies memories of storms. Storms that made me who I am today, storms that led to amazing discovery of the thing I’m currently pursuing as a hobby and to a journey of further self-discovery.

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Internet Finds Vol. 11: The Must Reads

Hi! Christmas is already less than a month away and after that we will all be looking forward to New Year. 🙂 So exciting right? For sure many of us are busy preparing for the coming holidays either staying at home or travelling locally or abroad. Preparing for this occasions is fun especially when it comes to food, gifts and decorations. ❤ I originally wanted to find articles on tips on preparing for the holidays such as those mentioned above but after reading the articles listed here, I changed my mind. More than the food, gifts and decorations, we should also be mindful of ourselves and the life we are living.

Thus, this new list of internet finds is composed of articles (I found on Pocket) about self-improvement and life advice and lessons which we can all apply in our day to day living and in achieving our goals.

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Internet Finds Vol. 10: Some How-to’s and Inspiring Articles

In lieu of watching TV during downtime, I  find reading to be a truly great alternative. When I don’t want read something in print, I resort to Pocket. An app which lets you save articles you find on the web or in their recommended list to read for later. In this recent volume of Internet Finds, I share with you four of my favorite articles. The first two are Pocket’s recommendation and the others are by Jamie Catt and Design Hatch. Enjoy reading!

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Life in a Week: In Awe with Life

It has been a while since I  took the time to reflect on experiences and contemplate on life. Taking the time to do these things is a must when life is overwhelming. During the past couple of months, my mind was filled with so many thoughts about different aspects of my life, especially in the field of art and blogging. Of which I spent most of my time. It is either I took down notes or sketched all these thoughts before it slipped out of my mind. Some of it were I’m thankful of and some were wilted thoughts that I have to get rid of. In this phase of my life, I leave no room for negative thoughts. I already had enough. When you tend them a little bit, it starts to creep in your mind as if they are words of encouragement that you have to listen to. These are inevitable and getting rid of them is not as easy as counting 1-2-3, but it’s always necessary.

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No. 4

illustration for No. 4

I remember the days when I thought to stop breathing,
The world feels that it would crumble and break my already broken pieces.
I try to stood still but the wind was so strong.
I try to hold on but I had no one to hold
Then I remembered someone from above who once held me still on days when I thought to stop breathing.
He made me carry on and not give up.
He is that someone who will always hold my hand.

Internet Finds Vol. 9: Regaining Your Writing Soul, Is Your Personality Fixed, Will of God, etc.

Hi! Just wanted to share the interesting articles I’ve read and the fun and amazing video I watched lately. internet finds vol. 9

-Coolen 🙂

ABCs Book Challenge: Experience & Entries

The choices we make everyday ranging from the most simple to the most risky, can lead to many possibilities that we knew nothing about. Opening doors for new opportunities, second chances and privileges that we don’t expect and jumping in and making most of these things began from the conscious decision to at least try.

Last June/July of 2015, I visited Booksale one of my go-to bookstores to just look around, unwind and if I got lucky that day to find a certain book included in my booklist, I would buy. Upon entering the store a book entitled  ‘The ABCs of Hand Lettering’ caught my attention. the artsy craftsy spirit in me woke up. The next thing that happened, I bought the book. The reason: I was interest on what I could learn. Since then, I became one of Abbey’s fans, social media follower and blog reader. When she announced that she’ll be hosting a lettering challenge, I’m one of those people who  highly anticipated it but after the day the first challenged was announced, I was thinking twice whether I should join or not. lol I joined the lettering challenge and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. 🙂

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